Rights Management Mobile

RMS Viewer - mobile document and email protection.

RMS Viewer extends Windows Rights Management
on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices for mobile data security

RMS on Non-Windows

RMS Viewer is an encryption app that extends Windows Rights Management Services capabilities to mobile devices. It enables iPhones, iPads, etc. to securely receive and store Windows documents and emails.

Server Appliance

To enable the RMS Viewer mobile protection you need a secure RMS Viewer server component. The server is deployable in simple one box scenarios or in flexible, scaleable and distributed infrastructures.

SSO, Offline Cache, ...

RMS Viewer is a client-side application users download from the AppStore. Enrollment based on Active Directory Single Sign On and policy based usage protection, all the comfort features for day by day usage are available.

Benefits of RMS Viewer

Improves productivity and security while on the go.

Send RMS encrypted mails

Improves security by enabling users to send sensitive information while in transit. Send RMS encrypted mails within the RMS-Viewer App with confidential content on iPhone and iPad.

Easy deployment

Improves productivity by enabling users to securely send and receive sensitive information while on the go.
Improves user satisfaction by enabling employees to use popular mobile devices for work.

Server based management

When the user receives a document or email that is rights management protected, the mobile app automatically sends it to the RMS Rendering Server hosted on the corporate network. If the user has permission to view the document or email, RMS Rendering Server decrypts it.

Strong security and protection

The document or email is received by RMS Viewer and displayed within an app viewer that prevents the document from being printed or forwarded. Strong encryption protects sensitive emails and Office documents from unauthorized access. This leverages your current investment in Windows Rights Management Services to provide must-have mobile data security.